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    John Dexter Photography

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     About me
    and my passion of making art through photography 

    My name is John Dexter living in the south of England.

    I had been a photographer for many years mainly landscape printing my own in a dark room (film days.) When I retired I picked up the camera again but found my heart was no longer in landscapes, looking for new inspiration I came across some flower images by two of the best recognised flower photographers in the world Anne Bellmont and Kathleen Clemons that blew me away and from then on I was hooked


    I have been honoured that my work has been recognised by both Anne and Kathleen.

    In my flower photography I try to capture the beauty in flowers whether it be in the colour, shape or texture. (IN THE GALLERY THEY HAVE BEEN CATEGORISED INTO THE FLOWERS DOMINANT COLOURS)

    In the winter flowers are in short supply so I started looking for a new subject, loving abstract art I thought I would take it into my photography,

    My abstract or maybe a better category would be contemporary images are a technique of photography many of which are in the style of the old masters like William Turner.

    Although this type of photography goes against all the rules that is what makes it fun and exciting for me and you see the world in a new way through your camera.

    I have concentrated more on the contemporary side of late as I am loving the excitement that I get from this style of photography and sharing a new and different approach to traditional images  that I would like to call Photographic art.

    I have lately been creating a series of images called reflections which are simply reflections in streams or puddles that are producing some very interesting results and great fun to do.

    Most of my images are taken where I find solitude as I am at my most content when I am on my own and I hope this is reflected in my images.

    Please take a look at my YouTube channel to see how I make my images.

    All my work is signed and printed to the highest standard.