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    John Dexter Photography
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     About me
    and my passion of making art through photography 

    My name is John Dexter living in the south of England.

    I had been a photographer for many years starting in film developing my own prints in a converted wardrobe as a dark room.. 


    When I retired in 2012 I started using digital mainly shooting flowers until I found my passion some may say obsession with Abstract, Impressionism or Contemporary I am never certain to where my style of images can be categorised? not that it matters they are a body of work that is unique to my vision.

    My images often provoke questions like what is it? and I always answer it is what ever you want it to be.

    I am forever looking for fresh ideas in compositions and the proses of making images that satisfies my thirst for creating art that I can express my moods and feelings.

    I get my inspiration from studying other photographers and artists past and present.

    For every one image that I consider worthy of making it into my portfolio comes from hundreds, and many hours of trying to make that one into a piece of art that ignites a feeling of closure and achievement.

    My images have developed over the years in style, as I am a great believer that trying new techniques  and vision keeps your art and you fresh.


    I do not think I will ever divert from the path of Abstract while it continues to excite me, there is so much more to explore and create and so little time.

    My work has been published in Amateur Photographer magazine and have been honoured to receive awards from the National Photographic Society.

    I have made YouTube videos on the making of my images that can be found in the menu under YouTube and links.

    Prints of my work are available on request, printed to the highest standard on fine art paper, signed and a certificate of authenticity., prices can be found in the menu under prints.

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